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    r286 r491  
    44E - Enhancement 
    55D - Defect fixed 
     9E - Redesign of the whole schema-page (added tab-control to organize the different informations) 
     10E - added database view-names and schemaid to the schema-page (#58, #59) 
     11E - added support for 8.0 and 8.1 keywords and functions 
     12E - added a new filter-control to the field list on the schema-page  
     13E - moved information which were stored in different pages directly into the schema-page  
     14    (removed the additional navigation items on schema-pages) 
     15E - added accordion control to the general-tab of the schema-page holding all the different details 
     16E - added default vui information to the schema page 
     17E - added form tag support (8.0 feature) 
     18E - schema references are now distinguished between data read, data writen 
     19E - added service-calls references to the schema page (#97) 
     20E - added full support for filterApi calls (input-mapping, output-mapping and references are created) 
     21E - set-field actions show "Data Source" like in devstudio 
     22E - added filtering support to all the overview/list-pages (actlinks, filters, escalations, menus, 
     23    alguides, fltguides, applications, packing-lists, groups, roles, users, images); filtering is 
     24    limited to 100 results and next chunk of results could be fetched by user 
     25E - added tar/gzip support and moved the static-resources out of the executable 
     26E - delete-workflow is listed on the schema page (see references tab) 
     27E - references between containers are now shown, so you could see if a actlink-guide, filter-guide 
     28    application or packing list is part of another packing list (#16 & #98) 
     30D - fixed an error with setfields-all-matching-ids in case it is used in combination with sample-data 
     31D - fixed an error in sample data resolving, if the sample data is read from current server (uses @) 
     32D - fixed a crash if webservice was attached to a missing form (or form is blacklisted) 
     33D - push-field actions with all-matching-id mapping, the source and target forms were switched 
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